fiber optic cable

Fiber Splicing

Accurate fiber splicing and testing is essential in the world of optical communications. Because data is transmitted though the cable using light, any deviation in the splice can cause the wave to be scattered or reflected, reducing or damaging the effectiveness of the transmission.

JAS Precision is well-versed in splicing fiber optic cable quickly, accurately, and effectively. In addition to installations, this skill set is also important if maintenance or repairs need to be done on your network.  These tasks are accomplished using fiber optic fusion splicers and mechanical splicing connection tools.  The end result is a network that runs as optimally as possible with no loss of performance or bandwidth.

JAS Precision can use a number of means to install fiber optic systems, depending on what is appropriate to the system and situation.

JAS makes use of bucket trucks and reel trailers to hang cable from telephone poles. Underground installations often use back hoe machines and dump trucks to install duct pipe and pull cable underground. JAS can also do boring or building penetration if necessary.

All systems are backed by 24/7 365 days maintenance and repair services.  And JAS Precision provides installation, project management and consulting services always with safety in mind.


  • Single Mode & Multi Mode and Ribbon Splicing
  • Power Meter Testing
  • OTDR (CMA-4000)
  • Active System “Hot Cut” splicing
  • Installation of Fiber Raceways and Panduit Systems
  • Installation of Enclosures
  • Coytoe
  • Siecor
  • 3M (2178LS, PSI)
  • Keptel
  • Windsor
  • Raychem
  • Aerial Splicing (FTTH)
  • Transition Splicing (OPGLO)
  • Manhole or Direct Buried Splicing
  • CO, POP, Head-End, LDT and Hub-Fiber/Termination
  • Direct Termination
  • Installation of all MIC Panels, OCEF Cabinets, and Patch Panel Construction
  • Troubleshoot and Repair Existing Networks
  • Reel Testing
  • Emergency response 24/7 365 days a year